Emmett's and Hugs' Corner
Updated April 14, 2006


That's Emmett on the left and his sweetheart, Hugs Bunny, on the right.  They both are die-hard Seattle Mariners fans and Congratulate the Chicago White Sox on winning the World Series in 2005.  This year they're planning on seeing the World Series played HERE in Seattle instead of some other place again.


Emmett and Hugs recently got a couple of new roommates to share watching baseball with. 
That's Louie St. Charles on the left, a Cardinals fan, and Jay Edgar on the right, an obvious Mariners fan.

Want to see what they're serving up for food at Safeco Field this season? 
Click on the images below to see the Safeco Field Food Roster and the Terrace Club Exclusive Menu.



Emmett & Hugs have decided that their room needs to be decorated like the one shown below . . . .


M A R I N E R   S T Y L E   ! ! !

Emmett's favorite Mariner player is Jay Buhner. 
Unfortunately, Jay retired, but Emmett enjoyed watching the special ceremonies on Jay Buhner day in Washington State, April 2, 2002.